Our Team
"Choose a job you like and you won`t have to work a day in your life."
More than
The magnificents
Nobody is anything alone.

The pleasure of achieving success is incomparably greater when we can share it with those who work alongside us.
This awareness moves this group of people, always on the right path.

We have common goals and we want to achieve something big.
We work with humility, tolerance, companionship and emotional intelligence.

They say that what sets us apart is the way we “dance” around the room, always with a smile on our face.
We say that our greatest pride is to receive well and to be part of the memories of so many people who have passed through here.
Márcio Gonçalves Márcio Gonçalves
Márcio Gonçalves
Bruno Amaro Bruno Amaro
Bruno Amaro
Marco Fernandes Marco Fernandes
Marco Fernandes
Débora Amaro Débora Amaro
Débora Amaro
Room manager
Telmo Santos Telmo Santos
Telmo Santos
Station Chef
Pedro Coelho Pedro Coelho
Pedro Coelho
Assistant Head Waiter
Martin Gilev Martin Gilev
Martin Gilev
Mateus Pereira Mateus Pereira
Mateus Pereira
Jahed Ahmed Jahed Ahmed
Jahed Ahmed
Kitchen Assistant
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