Once upon a time…
“It has always been said that the inhabitants of Tavira were famous for "Comer na Gaveta" which means "eat in the drawer". The city's residents believe that they gained a reputation as drawers because, in the past, local businesses did not close at lunchtime. With no possibility of eating at home, the owners and employees of the establishments eat meals at work. When a customer arrived, they kept the plate in the drawer. As he was leaving, they resumed lunch. As a precaution, some always kept their plate hidden. They ate by opening and closing the drawer. In fact, Tavira has a very hospitable population, even the opposite of what the aforementioned statement leaves in the air, because whenever a stranger enters a Tavira home at lunchtime, he risks being angry if he refuses the food that, immediately offer it to you”.

Come na Gaveta perpetuates this tradition of hospitality, presenting a selection of Portuguese-inspired tapas and snacks, which changes seasonally and allows for a different experience with each visit.